Romance | Danai Simou Handmade special edition artist book. Five hand numbered and signed copies. Available only upon request. Self published
Specifications: 28 pages 28x21 cm Inkjet black & white fine art prints on black paper Soft pink cover with...Book Details
Romance Artist Book
Romance | Danai Simou Photo zine Total 85 hand numbered and signed copies Self published
Specifications: 29 pages 28x21 cm Soft black cover Digital Printing Japanese book binding, French folding For more information and order contact through email :...Book Details
Romance Photo Zine

Collaboration with Void and Temps Zero and publication of photo book “Almost True”, as part of the "Image and Sound Workshop" project.

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Almost True
Preto Magazine Winter 2017/2018 Issue #4 Featuring three artists: Alicja Brodowicz, Danai Simou and Fátima Abreu Ferreira Buy at : Details
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Preto Magazine Issue #4
From 2008 until 2017 Danai has been working on the project WORMS. WORMS is a study on how inflictive memories can affect the present time. A research on sexuality, the human body, fears and desires, either through the use of her own body or over her close surroundings. Shot from the time Danai was s...Book Details
Author : Danai Simou
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