Searching for connection

Director, editor, vocalist: Danai Simou
Camera assistants: Dinos Psichos, Nikos Konidaris
Live sound performance: Timothy Isherwood, with Dr Mike Blow, Giorgos Gargalas and Mohammed Rowe.
Filmed: June 2018, Athens

A short film created during the Temps Zero Workshop in 2018, with Michael Ackerman, Stéphane Charpentier and Alyssa Moxley, organized by Temps Zero and Void in Greece.

Human Monster

Video for "Spineless" band

Direction, photography, set design, camera: Danai Simou

If A Sword Is Always Sheathed

Video for "Chronoboros" band

Edited by Danai Simou

The Third Man

Video for "The Road Miles" band

Written & directed by Danai Simou

I See Them With No Teeth

Video for "Friend Of Gods" band
Written & directed by Danai Simou